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L’Albert Bastardas Boada ha editat enguany junt a Emili Boix Fuster i a Rosa Maria Torrens el llibre Family multilingualism in medium-sized language communities, de l’editorial Peter Lang. 


Medium-sized language communities face competition between local and global languages such as Spanish, Russian, French and, above all, English. The various regions of Spain where Catalan is spoken, Denmark, the Czech Republic, and Lithuania show how their medium-sized languages (a term used to distinguish them as much from minority codes as from more widely-spoken codes) coexist alongside or struggle with their big brothers in multilingual families. This comparative analysis offers unique insight into language contact in present-day Europe.


Bastardas-Boada, A., Boix-Fuster, E., & Torrens, R.M. (Eds.) (2019). Family multilingualism in medium-sized language communities. Berlin: Peter Lang ed. 336 pàgines. ISBN: 3034325363